Our primary goal is to help you keep your teeth and enjoy an optimal level of dental health. But sometimes certain teeth need to be removed to help us meet that goal.  Wisdom teeth, extra teeth, or overly crowded teeth may lead to recommendations for removal.  And extraction may be the only option for teeth that are severely decayed or cracked, or those missing large amounts of supporting bone.

We frequently call on our partnership with trusted specialists to help with procedures that involve surgical expertise.  Dr. Weaver will evaluate your specific situation and make sure your care is coordinated with the proper specialist if needed. Wisdom teeth should be examined to determine the best timing for removal and coordination with any other treatment, such as orthodontics.

Regardless of the care you’re receiving, we always factor in your comfort.  We’ll discuss your unique situation to determine the best way to help you receive the treatment you need.  Patients rarely look forward to minor surgical treatment, but today’s methods offer the safest, most compassionate care possible.