DENTISTE provides an unparalleled level of service. I’ve been going to DENTISTE for 12 years and now can’t imagine going anywhere else. The staff is always friendly, professional and highly coordinated. Dr. Weaver and Dr. Feider are at the absolute top of their class in terms of knowledge and technique. The office is modern and beautiful. They have taken me through years of perfect cleanings as well as the occasional fix when I broke something. And I’m happy to report that my teeth are perfect and healthy today thanks to them. I can’t recommend DENTISTE enough.
— Lucas Wunsch
DENTISTE is the BEST! I’ve been going to them for about 10 years now, and actually look forward to my visits. After leaving my pediatric dentist years ago, I bounced around for a while until we found DENTISTE and have been going ever since. They are so in-tune with all of us patients and really care about us. There is free parking outside, which is the best so I don’t have to add that stress when visiting the dentist. They play great music during the appointments and are just fun to chat with. Dr. Feider is very skilled and knowledgeable, and I actually look forward to going to catch up with their lives!
If you refer someone, you get a free whitening as well (bonus!)! If you go, tell them I sent you. :)
— Lindsay Dye
Best dental office ever! DENTISTE features an amazing team with the utmost professionalism and love for their industry. As soon as you walk into DENTISTE you’re quickly questioning if you drove to a spa or a dental office. The atmosphere is welcoming and extra care is given to every patient making for a relaxing routine cleaning or procedure.
Despite moving 3 years ago to the Bonney Lake area I still make the time/commute to visit Dr. Weaver, Dr. Feider and their friendly staff. Everyone treats you like family and I am grateful to have found them 7 years ago.
— Nicole Hylton
I have been a patient at DENTISTE for several years now and really appreciate their personal approach to my dental care. It feels that I am always getting first class service when I am there. I would definitely recommend them.
— Craig Sawyer
It has been a decade (I’ve had vehicles for less time) I’ve been patronizing DENTISTE. Within those years I cannot remember a time in which I didn’t leave the office laughing! Their professionalism, good humor as well as knowledge in the dental field are unsurpassed! I’ve truly come to adore the staff (which is in part why I drive 30 miles to see them) and always will. Let’s keep these choppers healthy for decades to come!
— Cedric Cook