KöR In-office Whitening

Confident smiles hold a value that’s difficult to measure.  But coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, and dark foods often dull bright enamel surfaces. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening brings cosmetic dentistry within reach of everyone  Teeth whitening removes years of unsightly staining from your teeth. And whitening combined with subtle polishing and reshaping of chipped or uneven edges may be just what you need for a major transformation.  Most patients don’t realize how much yellowing changes their teeth, and how safe and easy this exciting change can be.

A dizzying array of whitening products found online and on supermarket shelves.  But if you want to ensure a safe, predictable experience, consider the distinct advantages of professional whitening at DENTISTE. And nothing beats KöR Whitening: 

  • Customized system:  Our in-office KöR whitening lifts years of stain from your teeth within an hour or less.  Alternatively, we also offer custom trays that fit your teeth ideally so that you can whiten at home. We’ll design the right system for you to achieve excellent results. In some cases, we’ll combine the two methods for the best short and long-term outcomes.
  • Controlled gel formulas:  We use the highest quality gels developed by KöR that ensure safety and consistency:  Professional strength formulas with exceptional quality control from known sources.  All gels are temperature-sensitive so they must be stored and shipped in controlled environments and made in known settings.
  • Sensitivity management: Temporary teeth sensitivity may occur while you’re whitening.  Specific strategies will customize your whitening experience to help minimize and eliminate mild sensitivity.
  • Long-term results:  Buying boxes of whitening strips every few months becomes costly. A short visit with us in the office creates an instant effect that may otherwise require weeks and several boxes of strips to create.  And if you leave our office with custom KöR whitening trays, you’ll have a system that usually fits for years.  A simple refill syringe of KöR gel picked up occasionally from our office allows you to keep your smile fresh for years.

KöR In-office teeth whitening provides a boost to your confidence by enhancing your smile. But a number of factors need evaluation before using any whitening method. Your Kirkland DENTISTE team depends on years of clinical experience to help deliver a safe and comfortable smile boost. We look forward to helping you discover the power of your best smile.